Why you NEED to build a customer list if you want to succeed

Email marketing should be a major component to your online marketing strategy.

You probably already have an email address for most of your current customer base. If you don’t, you need to start to collect them ASAP. This article isn’t about an email marketing strategy - it’s about how to capture more email addresses through your website’s current traffic.

There are some basic strategies that I believe can help grow your email marketing business.

Long gone are the days where you just put a form on your site that says “sign up for our newsletter” or “join our email list”.

You need a reason for them to give you their email address….what’s in it for them? Visitors are bombarded by every site they visit with special offers, etc.

Start to think like your visitors and what they want.

​Enter lead magnets.

The first step to getting people to subscribe to your email list is to give them something of real value.

Something that can benefit them instantly.

Here Are Some Suggestions:

  • Our ultimate guide to saving you money by...
  • Why and how to...
  • 4 reasons why you need to...
  • 7 awesome tips to help you improve your...
  • Our experts will show you how to...
  • Get our top secret tips about...

If you want to get fancy, you can have different offers for each line in your business….but that’s for another more advanced article.

​Creating the content for you lead magnet can be time consuming.

But it must have value or people that sign up will see right through it and unsubscribe. I would put together a basic outline and then have a professional write it for you.

I like to use writeraccess.com. They are expensive, but their writers are top notch.

The next step is to create email opt-in forms on your website.

If your website is built on the WordPress platform, then I would recommend either Thrive Leads or Optinmonster.

My personal favorite is Thrive Leads - it integrates seamlessly with most email service providers - Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, etc. It is also “plug and play” with WordPress websites. Thrive Leads also lets you do sophisticated A/B tested very simply.

​If your website is on another platform, contact whoever built your site and see if they can add sign up forms.  Most email service providers (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.) will provide code that your webmaster can add to your site.

​There are many ways to add opt in forms to your website.

Examples include:

  • lightboxes
  • sidebar widget
  • top or bottom ribbons
  • text links
  • scroll mat
  • slide in

My favorite and easiest to implement are lightboxes.

The concept is pretty straightforward.

A user performs an action on your site (clicks a button, visits a page or scrolls to the bottom of the page) and a lightbox popups with your lead magnet.  If your offer matches your visitors intent, you have a good chance of getting that person to sign up for your email list.

The best part is they’ve basically saidyes, please contact me!.

Of course, you need to provide excellent value as well or they will unsubscribe.

If you are going to use lightboxes, an even better and higher converting method is to use 2-step lightboxes.

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The way they work are:

 - a person performs an action to bring up the lightbox

- the lightbox asks a yes/no question such as “do you want to save money”....the user will almost always click yes, then an offer and signup box is shown where they can download your lead magnet. [thrive_2step id='883']Trigger goes here[/thrive_2step]

Works like a charm and provides tons of value.

Very few websites do this method properly, so if you can implement it, you will see your email subscriber conversions go through the roof.

​So hopefully you’ll start to think beyond the antiquated “sign up for our newsletter” email capture forms and start to use some more advanced and proven techniques.

Trust me, capturing and marketing to your email list is one of the best ways to increase sales and customer retention….it keeps your business top of mind.

Start building up your email list today!​

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