SEO For Insurance Agents

You can no longer just build a website and expect it to generate new business.  You need to market yourself properly on Google and other search engines to build your brand, following and generate leads….but how?  We can help.

There’s no question that insurance agency marketing has changed over the last few decades. While going door-to-door to solicit new business was once the only way to connect with future policyholders, the internet has made shopping for home and auto insurance a completely different endeavor. Now, most consumers utilize a search engine – such as Google – to find the right coverage to meet their needs from an agency in their general vicinity.

But, how do you ensure that your firm is the one they find at the end of their online search? How do you improve your ranking and increase the visibility of your website? This is where a SEO for insurance agents plan with Hagens Marketing can help.


Connect with Local Consumers

The most common reason to consider an insurance agent SEO plan with Hagens Marketing is the ability to connect with local customers. Studies have shown that most policyholders would rather do business with an agent in their area for auto or home insurance, versus calling a toll-free number for a national brand.­­ By increasing awareness of your agency through search engine optimization and targeting very specific keywords tailored to your region, you can help drive traffic to your website and help residents in your own area with all of their existing and future insurance needs.


Show Your Clients You Are a Knowledgeable Resource

Another reason to engage in an insurance agency SEO program is to show your clients you are a knowledgeable resource. These days, most consumers turn to the internet to get answers to their most pressing financial questions. By having a multitude of informative, optimized content on your website, you can set your agency apart as one of the most trusted in your area—making your firm one that they want to do business with. Furthermore, compelling and engaging content that makes the reader think differently about insurance or provides them with the information they need is more likely to be shared with friends and family members, increasing awareness of your agency within your community. Each blog post, article, and sales page created by our team is uniquely tailored to fit the tone and vibe of your agency. In addition, the content is written specifically for your website and not sold to any of your competitors. 


Find the Right Keywords for Your Area Market

At Hagens Marketing, our mission is to help insurance agents maximize their online marketing potential through SEO best practices and strategies. Our knowledgeable consultant team will help you seek out the most ideal keywords for your area market—no matter what your insurance specialty includes. Whether you only offer car insurance or provide a wide range of other lines, we can help you identify specific search terms related to your agency and integrate them into your existing website in the most natural way possible. We will also help you determine high-traffic keywords specific to your niche and analyze whether or not they are worth pursuing.


Identify Issues with Your Current Marketing Program

Many insurance agencies understand that utilizing some sort of search engine optimization program is essential to building an online presence. In fact, most have implemented some level of integration into what they are already doing. If your firm has a current SEO marketing program in place, we can still help. Our team will take a peek at your current website to determine whether or not it is truly at its full potential. We will scour your page for any missing site maps, errant links, missing META tags, and whatever else that might be hindering your online efforts. To keep with Google best practices, we will also take a look at the links on your website to determine if there are any that are hindering your search engine ranking potential.

Of course, the process of optimizing your insurance agent SEO program begins by working with a trusted partner. At Hagens Marketing, our results driven approach allows us to help our clients increase web traffic and search engine ranking. Our knowledgeable consulting team has helped insurance agents all over the country optimize their marketing efforts and take their online presence to new heights. For more information, please contact us today.

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